P.O. Box 1490 Kayenta, AZ 86033

Phone: (928) 697-8451
FAX: (928) 697-8461

Kayenta Township Commissioners:

Ed Seaton

Chris Kescoli

George Sisco III

Jarvis Williams

JoDonna Hall/Ward

Kayenta Township Staff:

Town Manager: Gabriel Yazzie:

Home Site lease Specialist: Geneva Luna

Public Information Officer: Chris Burnside

Community Development Manager: Heston Zonnie

Principal Leasing Agent: Geraldine Laughter 

Public Works Department: Tyler Glasses mailto:

IT/Media Administrator: Shonie De La Rosa 

Kayenta Fitness Center: Joann Begay 

14 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Is there an open blog for the community to post important community issues/topics. Everything I see so far is posted by admin and I don’t see any replies.

  2. If there is something you wish to have posted. Please submit to us via email and we will review it for possible posting.

    Thank you,
    The Kayenta Township

  3. I would like to hear about what is going on with the MV Mustangs in sports. It would be nice to hear about at least once a week. I live out here in the city and I have family members playing on the team. I would like to keep up with Kayenta Sporting News. Thank you

  4. We’ll put this event on our calendar, please visit our Facebook page; Navajo in the City.

  5. Saw an awesome video on my Facebook feed about Joe Donna the blue coffee pot restaurant her laundry and so on and sent a Facebook message somebody named Doris responded in Facebook marked my request your post as spam I just want to give I have nothing to gain by I said please contact me I’m not trying to gain anything
    Michelle Van Alden

  6. It,s time to up date Kayenta local government Kayenta Township. How it is progressing since it was put place.

  7. Ya teeh to all my relations:

    When is the next Township duly call public meeting, date, time and location?
    Where can I find the upcoming meeting agenda posted for public notice and review?
    Where can I find the last meeting minutes posted?
    Once a Mustang, always a Mustang! HCB

  8. can someone please give an updated contact phone number for the upcoming powwow this weekend.. we tried the one listed.. it seems to be out of service..

  9. Aloha!
    I am requesting please contact info for a Mr. Richard Mike (former? Township Commission Treasurer). He wrote an article in 2010 on a Mr. Arthur Bradley; Pages 3 & 9.

  10. Contact the Kayenta Hampton Inn. They can get you in contact with him. Thank you.

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