Locals Help Chase off Bootlegger from Flea Market

Bill Crawley with the CDs he confiscated from a CD bootlegger.

Kayenta – A local family, the Crawleys helped chase off a CD bootlegger from the Kayenta flea market on Wednesday afternoon. According to Billy Crawley II, lead guitarist and singer for the local Kayenta band Ethnic De Generation, he and his mother Genivive were browsing though the flea market and came across a vendor that was selling CDs and decided to have a look at what the vendor was selling.


“The first thing I saw was my dads CDs “The Undecided Takers” and then I saw others such as The Dennehotso Swinging Wranglers, Vincent Craig, Verdel and Primeux, and a bunch more.” said Billy.


“This guy had every Navajo artist CD you could think of. All the old classic Navajo bands as well as the new ones too like 191, Stillwater, and Young Nativez” said Genivive.


Billy immediately called his father Bill about the vendor as well as local film maker Shonie De La Rosa. Shonie De La Rosa and his wife Andee are well known for their battle to end DVD/CD Piracy on the Navajo Nation. Within minutes Bill arrived and approached the vendor. Bill introduced himself to the vendor and the vendor did the same and gave Bill a business card. According to the business card his name was Ernest B. Kenneth from Fruitland, New Mexico.


Bill and his son Billy asked the vendor where he got all the CDs from. The vendor responded that he and his son have a studio back home and do all the work themselves such as digitizing audio from old 8 tracks and cassettes and burning them to CDs as well as printing all the artwork and shrink wrapping the final product in CD cases.


Bill asked the vendor why he was selling his CDs, the vendor didn’t respond and Bill asked for every CD he had of The Undecided Takers. The Vendor reluctantly turned over about 40 CDs to Bill. Bill also took away about 10 Sioux Savages CDs from the vendor too.


“I have never seen so many bootlegged Navajo CDs like this before. This guy had everything you could think of. One in particular is a Navajo named Bill Johnson, this guy put out 9 albums (records) back in the 60’s and 70’s and to see them all right there on CD was really sad” said Bill.


After taking his CDs from the vendor, Bill and his son Billy walked away and were soon approached by Shonie De La Rosa. Shonie asked them where the CD bootlegger was and they pointed towards the vendor’s booth. Bill also showed Shonie the pirated CDs he had taken away.


Shonie approached the vendor and told him who he was and stated to the vendor that pirated DVD/CD sales are frowned upon at the Kayenta flea market. He also told the vendor that he makes his rounds at the flea market nearly every week to seek out DVD/CD bootleggers and when he spots one he asks them to leave or he will call the police.


The vendor immediately began packing up after Shonie had spoke with him.


“He was an older Navajo man. I kind of felt bad about getting on him about selling pirated CDs. But these people come in all ages and they are all ripping off artists everywhere” said Shonie.


Currently there are no Navajo Nation laws on piracy. Navajo Nation Council Delegate Edmund Yazzie is hoping to change that. He is currently working on legislation to enact laws that will make pirating DVDs and CDs on the Navajo Nation illegal. His legislation is expected to go to the Navajo Nation Council’s Winter Session this year.

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  1. Personally I think thers nothing wrong selling those CDs etc bc the original ones costs too much and I’m not ashame to buy those from bootleggers..I admit I support them 100 %!!!

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