“Day of the Lady Mustangs” Declared By Navajo County Supervisor Jonathan Nez

Pictured: L to R Mustang Head Girls Basketball Coach Robert Nash, MVHS Athletic Director Jacob Holiday, and Navajo County District 1 Supervisor Jonathan Nez (All are Mustang Alumni)

KAYENTA, AZ – The Navajo County Board of Supervisors Notice of Public Hearings, Meeting, and Agenda for Tuesday, May 26, 2009 seemed like business as usual, but on this day at the Kayenta Navajo County office, “the historic event” paved a new trail three-fold as District 1 Supervisor Jonathan Nez sat with Kayenta locals and attended the meeting by video conferencing. 

After going through a normal Board of Supervisors Meeting agenda items:  Pledge of Allegiance, Invocation, Call to the Public, Consent Agenda, and Human Resource items, the District I Supervisor sat alongside the Honorable Susie Nelson and asked via video conferencing for the Navajo County Board of Supervisors to consider approving his Proclamation that declared May 26, 2009 as the “Day of the Lady Mustangs.”  It passed to huge applause from the Kayenta audience which packed Susie Nelson’s chambers.  Normally, the meeting room is a court room where non-Navajos go before the Judge for traffic citations or other court violations.

The Monument Valley Lady Mustangs clenched the 3-A State Champions after defeating #1 ranked Winslow Bulldogs 47-46 at the Jobing.com Arena back in March 2009, when Bradley Nash scored 2- points in a put back shot in the final 3-seconds of the championship game.  The season was considered one of the biggest comeback seasons for the young Lady Mustangs basketball team.  Lady Mustangs Coach Robert Nash also topped the season off with Coach of the Year honors.   The lady Mustangs ended their season with a 22 wins and 9 losses (the lady Bulldogs, top seed all season long ended their season with 29 wins and 2 losses against the Lady Mustangs).

The Lady Mustangs who were in attendance for the days festivities were:  Kenisha Begay, Nicolette Parrish, Chelsea Holiday, Anjilave Black, Destinee Holiday, Phillisia Begay, Deonna Yayzie, and Mariah Gilmore.     

 The Lady Mustangs were presented with a plaque acknowledging their achievement along with Coach Robert Nash and Athletic Director Jacob Holiday.  Afterwards, the Lady Mustangs, 9 of the team members who were in attendance, sang “Happy Birthday” to Mr. Jonathan Nez as his family members and his wife looked on.  But, when asked later about his age, he smiled and shook his head, “No Comment.”

Pictured: MVHS Athletic Director Jacob Holiday addresses Navajo County Board of Supervisors using the newly-installed teleconferencing system.

At the same event, Mr. Nez will also recognized the Navajo National Monument for their 100-Year Centennial.  From the Navajo National Monument, three staff members were in attendance and they were able to address the Board of Supervisor about their upcoming activities.  Staff members from the National Park who were in attendance were:  Nancy Skinner, Supervisor; Rueben Abrego, Facility Manager, and Rose James, Administrative Officer.   

To save time for people traveling to the event, Mr. Nez asked for consideration and discussion of the Kayenta Township to receive the Suburban (from the Navajo County District I Local Transportation Assistance Fund II) on behalf to the Kayenta Veteran’s Association.  However, after a short discussion, the legal counsel for the Board of Supervisors wanted some clarification.  It was requested that the Kayenta Township specifically pass a resolution accepting the Suburban on behalf of the Veteran’s instead of the Kayenta Chapter.  And, the next agenda item, they all agreed, should also note the Kayenta Township as accepting the suburban.   

Mr. Nez then spoke to those attendance that the reason the Suburban would be relinquished to the Kayenta Township was to cut the red tape.  If the Kayenta Chapter accepts the Suburban, it could be another year or two before the Veteran’s could use the vehicle for transport.  Mr. Nez stated that, “The Suburban will first have to go to the Navajo Nation Department of Transportation and Fleet Management.”  He also cited an instance where the Nation then leased the vehicle to another chapter after “processing the gift into their inventory” when the Chapter had received a vehicle as a donation, to begin with.  “In the end, if the Kayenta Chapter ends up leasing the vehicle from the Navajo Nation, it will cease to be a gift from Navajo County,” he said.

Jarvis Williams, the Kayenta Town Manager, said his staff will do the necessary paperwork and get the resolutions in place by June 8, 2009, in time for the next Board of Supervisor’s meeting.  Then local Veteran Rick Grey added to the dialogue and told the audience that, “The Veteran’s Suburban will be used and made available for all Veteran’s in District 8, not just within the Kayenta Chapter community.  Any Veteran that needs assistance with transportation to a Veteran’s Hospital can request transport and we will take them,” he said.  

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