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KAYENT, AZ – Kayenta Today got together recently with Dr. Charlotta Begay, Director of the Kayenta Animal Care Center (KACC) to look at the tides the program has crossed since it opened last year in May 2009.  From a small organization that began with unique setbacks, the program has managed to get into its own groove.  All of a sudden, the center seemed it had become established when a little picture book appeared at the Kayenta Township main office that profiled cats, dogs, and kittens that were healthy, and ready to be taken home for adoption. 

Below is a list and photos of new animal intakes which have come into Kayenta Animal Care Center up to this date.  Once all the equipment needs for Dr. Charlotta Begay are in place, hopefully by summer we can look forward to more veterinary care services for our beloved cats and dogs, such as low cost spay/neuters.  Her goal is to proceed with these services as early as November. 


Sunshine On A Leash At KACC

One year old Female Doberman Cross

Sunshine was brought to the Kayenta Animal Care Center shelter very thin with an infection in her right hind leg.  Sunshine is a very friendly canine looking for a home, she gets along with most dogs, but she can be dominant and aggressive towards other female dogs who express dominance.  Sunshine is gentle enough to be around small children and very good on a leash.



Rosey Takes A Break To Pose For Photo

Two year old Female Mixed Breed

Rosey is very energetic.  She is very happy to get attention, is playful, and needs space to roam in an enclosed yard and gets along with most dogs.  Rosey has a gentle history of being around small children.  To get a reward, Rosey loves treats, and could be a good candidate for a championship in fetching.



Garbonza Looks Into Camera "Please Take Me Home!"

One to Two year old Female Boxer Cross

Garbonza is very energetic and intelligent dog.  Garbonza needs a secure yard with a lockable gate, or this dog will find a way to learn how to open it.  Garbonza likes going on walks, playing with friends, and sitting for treats.  Garbonza gets along with most dogs.


All Mikey Wants Is A Good Friend To Go For A Stroll in Ktown

Two to Three year old Male Australian Shepherd Cross

Mikey is very good on a leash and is friendly enough to be around older children, but not around small children.  He loves chasing lizards, rabbits, anything small, and fast.  Mikey  probably would not be good around cats and livestock, especially sheep.  But Mikey is very handsome and would make a good wingman.



Chili Just Wants To Go For A Stroll


2 year old Female Australian Shepherd Cross

Chili is a very shy dog, but very loveable.  Chili is a good companion for anyone who likes to take life slow and easy.  She may not be able to endure the wear and tear of living with toddlers or preschoolers.  And Chili does not get along with dominate female dogs, and Chili is not used to cats.



Cindy Says, "Yes, I Want To Go Home Right Now Where Ever That Maybe."

4 year old Female Spayed Golden Retriever Cross

Cindy is a very loveable and gentle female dog.  She would make a good friend for a young child.  Cindy is very pleasant to walk on a leash, completely house trained, and gets along with other non-dominant dogs.  Because Cindy is so docile, she probably would not be assertive with livestock, but may do well with cats.


All animals adopted through the Kayenta Animal Care Center are de-wormed, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered.  Not pictured here are two Four to Five month old black labs, mixed small breed puppies, foster puppies, cats, and kittens in the shelter.  Cat adoptions are suspended for the next two weeks pending a ring worm quarantine.  So far, KACC has not had a case of feline ringworm for two to three weeks.  KACC currently has a litter of five, very cute kittens that will be available for adoption in two weeks.


The Kayenta Animal Care Center is open to the public and for veterinary services from 1:00 p to 5:00  pm Monday through Friday.  Spay/neuter services are pending as KACC awaits additional equipment.  The animal care center provides animal shelter, animal control services year around.  Daily veterinary care services are available for pets including vaccinations, deworming, and other basic preventative care.    Spay/neuter services are estimated to proceed in mid-November.  Volunteers and donations are always welcome.

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  1. To think all these wonderful dogs would be running loose and starving if not for Kayenta Township’s commitment to its community animals! The Animal Care Center is a bright spot in the dismal stray animal scene on the Navajo Nation. Kudos to Dr. Begaye and Kayenta for tackling this problem head-on with clarity, commitment and compassion. The McBrides at Monument Valley High School deserve some credit too, for establishing the amazing new ag science facility with its state-of-the-art veterinary clinic.

  2. EVERY time there is a hit or injured dog in kayenta-you can NEVER get ahold of ANYONE at the kayenta animal care center –They are NEVER there!! -NEVER. The ONLY one who is serving animals in Kayenta Is MR MCBRIDE . He deserves ALL the credit

  3. I’m not sure what some people are talking about? Things must have changed a lot over the last year. Every time I have called I have talked to someone, the doc was kind and she knew what she was talking about. I was a vet tech for 3 years, and there was a few things I was looking for while I was there.
    #1- they may have had a small office but was clean the doc made sure that if there was a sick animal it was treated out side until previous animal was out of the office to prevent spreading of disease.
    #2 I notice Parvo solution was ready for use which is a must for any clinic. Parvo virus is deadly to young puppies.
    #3 Service was fast and to the point I was not talked into anything that was not important. My pet has a issue that could cost me thousands of dollar to prevent (that I could never afford), but she provided me with a solution that cost me next to nothing and keeps the problem under control. My other option would have been putting my pet down after a few months, now I will have him for 5 plus years.
    In all the clinic is not as fancy as some I have been in, It may be under equipped but for what they have its a excellent little clinic. Better then diving 5 hours to my old clinic to be charged hundreds of dollars to be told that I need to spend thousands of dollars.

  4. The doc tries she understaffed, underfunded!! If anyone has time or money they want to donate. I’m sure the Clinic would be happy to accept. She needs a building that is 4x bigger than she has in order to take care of all the animals in Kayenta, expecially the strays. If you have building materials, building experience, I’m sure she wouldn’t object to an expansion of the current facility!! She could use a surgical suite that is 2x bigger so she can do more spays and nueters, especially on the strays.

  5. stopped in today to see adoptable pets and report a potentially abandoned/neglected horse and the staff was professional and quick to respond. Animal welfare is a tough job. We should offer support to help them out! This is an awesome facility and great for the community.

  6. Do you ever get baby pitbulls, preferably not mixed. I have a great love and gentle ways for my pitbulls I have owned. They are loyal kind and sweet. I have a Chiweenie now who lives with the family pitbull, who is 10 months old and taller than I am, him standing on his hind legs. He loves my chiweeenie she loves/hates him lol..she will be four. Do you get chihuahuas?
    I am moving to Tuba City this Sept or October. My friend Verna June-John volunteered at your facility and loved it.
    She helped me to become inspired andnopen to adoption.
    Thank you
    Keep the great work up!

  7. There’s been a Blue Heeler running loose for months and nobody seems to care or do anything about it I am a passerby and can’t stop thinking about this poor mama dog hanging out at the gas station please somebody that lives there go down and do something for this animal that desperately needs your help stop ignoring her

  8. The Vet is no longer under the Township. he is now under the KUSD FFA program. Contact the Kayenta School Dist.

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