President Shelly Applauds Twin Arrows Casino Resort

Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise to create 800 new jobs

Twin Arrows, AZ—President Ben Shelly today kicked off the Navajo Nation’s fourth casino groundbreaking ceremony for the new Twin Arrows Casino Resort.  The casino will create approximately 800 long-term jobs and provide an economic boost to the Navajo Nation’s Western Agency and the Flagstaff area.  The $150 million project will start the first phase of construction in April 2011 and doors are expected to open on July1, 2012.

At his public address before 300 guests, President Shelly stated, “It is our vision that 800 families will have a steady income from an estimated $23 million dollar payroll. Twin Arrows Casino Resort will bring much needed revenue to this part of the Navajo Nation—and we will continue to chip away at our 50% unemployment rate.  I want to applaud the Nation’s Gaming Enterprise and Board for an outstanding job and for all their hard work. This is our largest casino and it is all part of the Shelly-Jim Administration’s plan to employ our Navajo people and advance toward economic prosperity. We also appreciate the support from Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for understanding the economic needs of the Navajo Nation.”

According to the Nation’s Gaming Enterprise, it’s been about 25 years since the Navajo Nation has bought and placed land into trust.

“The size of the Navajo Nation was increased by 405 acres with the purchase of the Twin Arrows parcel and placing it into trust was a concerted effort and many people, agencies and tribal governmental representatives worked long and hard to make today possible,” said Bob T. Winter, CEO of the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise.

With the purchase of the Twin Arrows parcel included two existing water wells, the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise also drilled a 12,500 foot deep well at a cost of $600,000.

To make this economic vision possible, the Navajo Nation worked diligently alongside the State of Arizona; Office of the Navajo-Hopi Indian Relocation; National Indian Gaming Commission; Bureau of Indian Affairs/Department of Interior; the Obama Administration; Coconino County; City of Flagstaff; and the Hopi Tribe.

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